【Join us & Promotion your economic】Is our business concept.

Stay At Home Economy Business Center is you『Downturn of the era,
the most economical choice of business』

About Stay at home Economy

  "Stay At Home Economy Technology Co.,Ltd" is related to the field of network security professionals for the purpose. We understand the needs of future growth in order to serve the majority of enterprises,From network system planning and establishment, hardware product testing and reporting, information systems services and consulting, professional marketing and integration to the maintenance and education and training are more involved to provide customers with network architecture optimization, information security enhancements, and data and voice applications. In-depth research and application of new technologies, products and IT management surface optimization is a leading provider of network planning and value-added solutions. Provide to customers to install the installation, consulting, technical support, education and training services. In the era of digital revolution, We hope to provide professional knowledge and the spirit of unremitting efforts to provide customers with the world trend of synchronous services.

  In customer service, the company will also scale with the extension of services, and constantly create value space. The most important asset of the company is the perpetual attempt, the professional talent, the customized service and the spirit of continuous research and development.

  The Company uphold the concept of small profits but quick turnover to customers with you the environment of the recession, the current law has been formally implemented on 2012/10/01.
We are a professional solution for the capital of the relevant dealers. Mainly committed to TFG and IP Guard, also provided such as"Data Loss Prevention(DLP)","Intrusion Prevention System(IPS)","Web Application Firewall(WAF) as well as professionalLayer 7 Firewall-Cyberoam and CP value of high-end Fortigate full range of Firewall and so on. Welcome to the needs of customers to contact us。

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The Industry’s First

  • The establishment of the company line through-train service

  • 1 to 7 people high-quality office

  • 8 to 18 people TV and projection dual-use conference room

  • Bar briefing meeting area

  • Wireless cross-free mobile phone

  • Induction lighting

  • VIP SPA shower system

  • Dyson AirbladeV dryers

  • The wireless toilet system

Our Business Concept

  【Join us & Promotion your economic】Is our business philosophy, Stay At Home Economy Business Center is you『Downturn of the era,
the most economical choice of business』

  Stay At Home Economy Business Center High texture modern luxury fashion style, office pattern Founder and great design sense, each office all with natural lighting and oversized windows.

  Near the center of the city, Located next to the Yongchun station of MRT, location and transportation is your best choice. In here, you will work with plenty of energy and your customers are also confident in your company。

  The business center offers Dedicated single-seat and 1 to 7 Dedicated independent office rent, Please call Business Secretary 02-5576-0150、CEO Mr.Chuang 0983-279456 or you can visits here now.

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